1. PRELIMINARY (PDMS Presentation,Model Explanation Login Into Design) PRELIMINARY PDMS PERESENTATION (Icon Explanstion , Hierarchy Explanation)
2. EQUIPMENT(Equipment Generation(STD Method),Advantage &Disadvantage of Types,Position in PDMS,Equipment Generation(Utility Method),Rotation,Copy offset,Copy Rotate Copy Mirror,List
3. GENERAL(Negative Element Generation,Obstruction Elements Generation,Format of save/Restore,DB listing),icons,clash Checking
4. PIPING(Modify/include,Piping Generation,Branch(Connect)Creation, List, Multi Way Component Generation,Slope Pipe,Branch(Explicit),creation,Arrive/Leave,Support Modeling, Modeling according to P&ID,Component Selection,M.T.O)
5. PIPING-ISODRAFT (Drag In Piping, Reports,Quick Reports,ISODRAFT Module Explanation, Usual ISODRAFT Problem &Solving Problem,Number of sheet)
 PROJECT (Modeling The Processing Units With Actual Documents)